What We Do

Clients of Russell Kelley Consulting LLC are often small and medium-sized businesses either without in-house legal counsel or with in-house legal counsel without international experience. 

Some clients consult Russell Kelley Consulting LLC for advice about a specific legal matter. Others appoint Russell Kelley Consulting LLC as their “outside General Counsel” with overall responsibility for managing the clients’ legal risks. 

Especially when advising on doing business in a specific country, Russell Kelley Consulting LLC may, with the client’s consent, contact local counsel on behalf of the client. Thanks to its principal’s broad international business experience, Russell Kelley Consulting LLC knows what questions to ask, and is able to translate the responses into an action plan to achieve the client’s business objectives.

  • Ways to do business abroad 
  • Legal structure

  • Corporate governance
  • Foreign investment and local participation issues
  • Commercial contracts/contract administration
  • Intellectual property
  • Licensing
  • Acquisitions and joint ventures
  •  Identification and management of legal risks
  • Compliance programs 
  • Employee issues 
  • Litigation management/dispute resolution 
  • Legal department organization and management 
  • Management of outside counsel 
  • Training course on "What International Managers Need to Know About the Law"

Russell Kelley Consulting LLC also acts as an advisor to General Counsel on how to run an effective legal department, focusing on the following areas:

  • How to organize and manage a legal department

  • How to identify and manage legal risks
  • How to draft and implement compliance programs
  • How to evaluate performance



Areas We Cover